Collections in Print:

What Spirits Return

Poetry Available Online:

3 Elements Review – “A Turtle”

The Minnesota Review – “Hunting Poy Sippi Swamp”

Gingerbread House – “Houdini Jumps”

SOFTBLOW – 4 Poems

Rougarou – “Backyard Rink”

After the Pause – 2 Poems

Riggwelter – “Terrible Beauty”

HAD – “Houdini Performs His Sack Escape on the Shores of Lake Michigan and, for a Moment in Reflected Sunlight, Appears to Become Engulfed in Flames.”

UCity Review – 3 Poems (forthcoming June, 2021)

Poetry in Print:

Gamut Magazine – “Blackberry Bush” Issue 9 ; “Poachers” Issue 11

Blue Earth Review – “Houdini, King of Handcuffs” Issue 8.2

The Lindenwood Review – “Winter’s Ritual” Issue 2

Vision/Verse 2009-2013: An Anthology of Poetry – 4 Poems (purchase on Amazon)